Eat Clean, Live Simple and Have Fun!

Welcome to my site! I am so glad you stopped by! I want to tell you a little about why I decided to create this site and what you will find within these pages.

First as you can see from my title the three most important themes of my life are these:

  1. Eat Clean
  2. Live Simple
  3. Have Fun

When I talk about eating clean I try and keep that as simple as I can. I do not have a degree in nutrition. What I do have is my own history of trying pretty much every “diet” and nutritional fad out in the world since 2003. Some of them worked pretty well for me and others were a nightmare. On my page about nutrition I go into more detail about the plan my family and I use now that I find to be sustainable for a lifetime of enjoyable eating 🙂

When I talk about living simple, that could mean a million different things, but my goal is to of course talk about what SIMPLE means to me and how I practice that at home and in my life.  I go into more detail on my Live Simple Page about gardening, being outdoors, meditating, taking vacations, staying active, and being thankful everyday.

Then both of these themes I think bleed into the having fun part! Without enjoying your life, your food and your time with others what fun is anything! In this section I talk about not stressing about things that you cannot control. My husband taught me this lesson early on in our relationship and it has been a huge part of my growth and understanding of life. I ask myself daily what can I control, how can I  enjoy my life more and how can I relax and be aware of the beautiful things around me?

YES some of you might be going OH. she is super woo woo about life and probably lives in a hut by some river meditating all day…. BUT that is not me at all! haha  You can go to the page about me to learn how I grew up and what I am really all about besides trying to incorporate all of these themes into life 🙂

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