Eat Clean

I think almost everyone has been told already that if you just eat clean you will be all set in life and all your bad habits will disappear, haha! No it’s not that easy and I know for sure! I do know that it is work but has some incredible health benefits and will make you feel awesome if you stick with it. Depending on how you eat now you also may decrease some health problems you are having, your mood with change for the better and your energy levels will increase or balance out.


Meal Prepping = Success

Every Saturday or Sunday I go to the grocery store and buy everything for the week. Once I get home everything goes all over the counters and I get started. Yes, this may look like a bomb went off for about an hour but then it starts to look like an awesome organized pile of planned meals for the week. This prevents the mid week McDonalds run or the starving and not prepared candy splurge from the vending machine. Start small with planning all of your dinners, if that is where you struggle, then go from there! I promise it is worth the couple hours you take on the weekend!

21-day-fix-1024x1024Portion Control

It is key to your success to make sure you are not eating too much of even a good thing. Depending on what you want to accomplish there are guidelines to follow on how many calories of certain foods you should eat. I can help you figure out the perfect plan!

Make it Fun and Colorful!

Have fun with your food choices! Take some chances on a new vegetable or fruit. Get your family involved and make the kitchen a fun place to create new colorful meals. If you enjoy cooking your food you appreciate it more and eat it with a purpose not just to shovel it down.

Everything in Moderation

chocolate-cupcake-710402_960_720I am a chocoholic! If I had to go without it for a week I might die. 😉 You cannot deprive yourself from all sugars and other harmful foods forever. But you can make them count. If you have a birthday coming up make a delicious homemade cake with natural ingredients and flavors, not the store bought cake with food coloring and ingredients you cannot pronounce. Think about how you can make it worth the extra calories, safe for your body and still satisfy that craving.



Do you want to know more about an eating plan that as worked for thousands including me? Contact me now and I can tell you more!