Real Estate, Where Do You Start?

It is coming up on 4 years that my family and I have been in our new home. We bought out first home together as a married couple and bought new construction. Being a first time home buyer was a whirl wind of decisions and delays. But through it all I learned a lot and was so thankful for our amazing Realtor. She was not only a trusted family member but she was on top of every challenge and step in the process.

After going through this process it made me appreciate real estate professionals more for all of the behind the scenes details that they take care of. This was part of my motivation for getting into real estate and becoming a Realtor. I wanted to be that person that people know and trust with doing an amazing job in the process of buying or selling their home.

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Why Shakeology?

SHAKEFirst things first… STOP right here and look at the shake you’re currently drinking, I don’t care what it is, BUT check out the ingredient label. If there is SOY, Artificial flavors, or Artificial Sweeteners, it’s time to reconsider.

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So I wanted to share A LOT more about why I am such an advocate of Shakeology but first I want to clear up some common misconceptions…
  • Misconception #1: Shakeology is a PROTEIN Shake. This is 100% false, Shakeology is a nutrient dense MEAL REPLACEMENT.  Shakeology is the equivalent to eating 5 plates of salad! It’s packed full of vitamins, nutrients, superfoods, and more… not just protein
  • Misconception #2: Shakeology is not a WHOLE food. False, it actually is. Shakeology is made up of preserved superfoods. It’s essentially comparable to dried juicing. All of the ingredients are dried out at the perfect temperature so as not to kill the nutritional enzymes, but preserves the ingredients so as not to go rancid in your bag.
  • Misconception #3:  Shakeology is too EXPENSIVE. This is most often the objection I hear, but I want you to take a second and think. If you were to eat a healthy meal, how much would it cost you?! On average it’s usually about $3-7. WELL Shakeology actually breaks down to $4.33 a meal and remember with your shake you are REPLACING a meal you are currently eating, PLUS it’s also covering any additional vitamin you may be taking. Now you’re also getting 30 meals at once, so it’s super simple to deduct from your monthly grocery budget to make it work for your family. Also, try to go and purchase all the bonus superfoods in Shakeology at the grocery store and see how much it runs you… you’ll be surprised at how INEXPENSIVE Shakeology is.
  • Misconception #4:  Shakeology is for WEIGHT LOSS. Again not true!! Yes, Shakeology can aid in weight loss, BUT just about anything that will lower your calories will help with weight loss.  Shakeology is about HEALTH. Because your body is getting the nutrients it needs when drinking shakeology, your body will be able to thrive and you’ll find you do have more energy, fewer cravings and just overall feel better. Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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When the Best Idea is to Stop Searching

So I say this for a few different reasons. Living in the world today we have so much information at our fingertips 24/7. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time in my opinion.


When I hear about the newest type of “diet” to be at your best I look it up. I am always thinking what can I do better, eat better, add to my routine to make my life better BUT then I realize that all that information just clutters my head with stuff and adds confusion to my day. In reality, I should just listen to what my body, my mind and my surroundings are telling me to do.

I just tried the Ketogenic way of eating. It had some great points and I totally understand why it works and is great for your body. I tried it for two weeks and am not going to stick with it. I felt great and was not hungry but in real life with my family eating different foods and snacking, it was really hard for me. Plus how are you supposed to completely get rid of sugars and carbs in your day, every day?! I am a chocoholic, if you give me one piece of dark chocolate at night with my tea, I am a happy camper. If you tell me “never again!” I will eat an entire cake, and the ice cream that goes with it.

I think for me and my family the best way to deal with everything in life is to keep it simple. The foods we eat, the household products we use, the belongings we have, the places we go, the entertainment we choose, all of it! Simple choices that make us feel good is the goal!

I am growing a garden this year big enough to feed the neighborhood! I am so excited for that, and cannot wait to sit in the garden and just relax. Weeding and watching the world around me, that makes me happy! To some that may sound like torture, which means you still have to find that simple happy place that is right for you 🙂


Having that garden also means that our diets will include all sorts of awesome fresh vegetables! This gets my whole family pumped up! Even my 13 year old is excited to try a cucumber that he watched grow right in the front yard, and you can totally taste the freshness! My goal this year to is keep the garden growing year round. I bought a book that will teach me how. I will read it while I am in my garden 🙂

So I basically need to put my phone down, not worry about all of things I could be doing that might be great ideas for me and just do what I know makes me feel awesome 🙂  If you feel the same, write me a comment! I would love to hear where your simple happy place is in your life!


There is Only One You

One of my goals in the new year is to take better care of myself, both in my personal and business life. As a creative entrepreneur, it’s super easy to spend all of your time and energy working on your business that your health falls to the wayside. I’m guilty, for sure! Today, I’m sharing several healthy habits I’m striving for. As you read, I encourage you to think about what you can begin to carry out in your day-to-day.
This is the easiest habit you can get started on right away. Drinking plenty of water has tons of benefits like controlling headaches, improving your skin and keeping you energized. One of my latest goals is to drink at least 60 ounces of water each day. Ever since I started doing this, I noticed increased stamina and ability to focus on my business. Amazing what a little water can do!
I’m sure you’ve heard of this one before! Weight loss and healthy eating are some of the biggest industries out there. There are new diets popping up daily. Eating healthy needs to become a lifestyle change for more than just a diet change for periods of time. If you have not found a portion control system that you enjoy yet the 21 Day Fix containers are really great! Think about taking it one week at a time and making habits that continue throughout. Do not restrict yourself but keep the treats in moderation and be honest with yourself when things are not going so well. Make the effort to eat whole and natural foods most of the time! Much like staying hydrated, eating healthy has many benefits like reducing stress, increasing productivity and helping you live longer.
I sit behind a computer for the better part of the day, which means I don’t get moving around until I get home every night and get to my gym! I love working out in my home. I know it is not for everyone but I love it and it works for me and my schedule. Streaming workouts On Demand and using DVD’s are what works for me! If you have not found what works keep trying all sorts of things, yoga studios, home DVD’s, fitness gyms, personal trainers, Zumba classes, the list goes on!
If there’s anything I’ve learned in the pursuit of owning my own business is that sleep should be NUMERO UNO on the priority list. Your brain needs that time to clean itself and reset for another busy day. If you have problems sleeping I would highly recommend you tell your doctor and see a sleep specialist because losing sleep can do long term damage to your very important brain.
This is a fun habit to keep! I firmly believe that you should never stop learning, especially if you own a business. Even more so if you own an online business, because the internet continues to rapidly evolve. I like to invest in e-courses, webinars and conferences relevant to my industry in order to stay on top of my game. I also have enjoyed reading books such as You are a Bad Ass, and The Go-Giver.
These are only several examples of things you can do to stay on your A-game. What healthy habits do you like to keep? Which new habits are you going to implement this year? Let me know in the comments below!