About Me

Welcome to my site! I am so glad you stopped by. I want to introduce myself!

My name is Allison Higgins, I live in Massachusetts and I am a Beachbody Coach. Some14344966_10208753546851046_444494003019674491_n
may describe me as a fitness or nutrition nut! And I’m okay with that, but there’s more to me than just healthy habits. I’m a proud step mom, dog mom, a happily married wife, A Realtor in MA, a lover of gardening and the outdoors –PLUS I happen to LOVE fitness, nutrition, and helping people live fuller, healthier lives. I’m passionate about what I do because of the mistakes I’ve made and I just cringe at the thought of people thinking their goals aren’t possible. I have experienced the pitfalls, the negative self-talk, the overeating issues, the too-busy-to-eat-right excuses, and I’ve figured a few things out…especially that ANYONE can achieve what I have achieved in fitness and in this Beachbody fitness business.

At age 12 yrs old or so , I rebelled against my mother who kept telling me to exercise. I loved going for walks with the family dog but to tell me to get on a treadmill, I would say “in your dreams!” I don’t think my family really thought to much about what we ate. We did ok but some of the treats or breakfast habits we got into I know now were not great for my teenage mood swings or my growing hips!

Through high school and college I continued to get some exercise or what I thought was an ok amount, but eating all the party foods and alcohol brought me to my heaviest weight as I graduated college. It wasn’t until later after college living alone, not happy with the way I looked or felt that I bought my first DVD called Turbo Jam. It made me feel great and energized but still not making the best choices in the kitchen I eventually fell of course.

Next I tried learning more about nutrition, tried a million different diets, joined a bunch of gyms and still no real positive results. It wasn’t until I heard about challenge groups and coaching that I realized I could achieve my goals with a team of people by my side helping encourage me. This also made me look at the coaching opportunity and think “I can do that!” I can help people like these people helped me and try and make a business for myself at the same time.

Family is first in my life, but I’m passionate about being fit and helping others experience that as well. I want my team members to have the opportunity to live fuller lives with a real purpose to be on a fit and healthy journey, and be the cheerleader to their friends and families. Changing lives and believing in others is what we do best.

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