Time to Create Change

Change the way you think about foodSo it has been a little while since I wrote anything in here but that is pretty much because I am a person of few words on a normal day, but today is not a normal day. I feel like I could shout this stuff from the roof tops it’s so important!

Food and the way Americans specifically use, abuse and overindulge is a crazy problem. It is making me come out of my shell and say, time to wake up everyone!  For the last couple years as many of you know I have been building my knowledge about health and nutrition and really been experimenting with how things make me feel individually.

A couple things I have come up with is that my skin does not like dairy, my stomach does not like too much gluten, sugar or dairy, and my brain really loves and hates sugar at the same time. So I wanted to go in even deeper to WHY this is happening and what certain foods and chemicals actually do to your body.

So in that journey of trial and error experimenting with foods, listening to podcasts and reading books, I was recommended to read this book “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and boy has the veil been lifted off my eyes. I was pretty aware of what I was eating anyway, but the idea in America that you must have dairy, animal protein and whole grains in your diet to be healthy is a bunch of BS. Not only do you not need them, but most of the time they are what make you sick! Nevermind all the other s#&* that is in the stores now.  It makes me really sad that a lot of people in America have no idea how to eat healthy because they were either taught wrong, or they are not taught at all.

We are a country of quick fixes and medications that are killing us, and you know how we can stop it? It’s as easy as eating a salad, biting into an apple, peeling a carrot, cooking a squash, stir fry some zucchini, and enjoying some berries.  I know some people literally would die before eating a diet of mostly vegetables and fruit but would you really let it get that far? There is proof that eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes and minimal whole grains will reverse the effects of Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Reduce to risk of stroke and heart attack, and prevent the risk of cancers.

Eating always seems to connect with emotional and social activity in this world. We all eat and then look forward to the next time we eat. We eat when we are sad or happy, celebrating or mourning, you name it, there is food everywhere!  If we all try and take a step back, get through a week of no processed foods and no dairy or animal protein you might be amazed at the results.  I know I was.

After eating only vegetables, fruits and legumes with some starches like sweet potato and whole grain rice, I felt 100% more clear headed, more energetic, less bloated, had less sugar cravings and was satisfied! I did have to go through a withdrawal period of 2-3 days, which included headaches, and a little tiredness but I knew it was going to happen and prepared to get through it. This is a change in the way you see how food interacts with your body, helps it heal,  helps you learn better and helps you manage stress.

The last point I want to make is about the kids. Yes the future of this country! We as parents can no longer sit back and say oh well, my son won’t eat anything but chicken fingers, french fries and treats. That is securing his fate to be a diabetic on his 13th birthday. We need to step up, EDUCATE ourselves and our kids. Bring them into the kitchen, have them cook with us, have them learn about food, have them see, try and taste a variety of foods all the time.  Some will kick and scream at first but if you don’t give up they will get over the withdrawal just like us and start to acquire new tastes. It feels so much better and they will be able to learn, live and THRIVE the way nature intended them to.

I strongly recommend you read the book “Eat to Live” and many more books similar to it. Educating yourself, trying new things to see how you feel and paying it forward by helping other people you know will change lives for the better.


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