A Miraculous Morning? Yes please!

win-the-morning-940x675About 2 months ago I listened to the podcast, “Achieve your Goals with Hal Elrod”. It inspired and intrigued me to think how I could accomplish so much more just by getting up a little earlier each day.

Now, I am the type of person who sleeps wonderfully and enjoys every minute I can get, so the idea of getting up an hour earlier than I do to accomplish some of my activities left me pretty hesitant and nervous that I would fail immediately!

So I prepped, I envisioned, I told myself I could do it, I layed out all my clothes for the morning, got my ipad ready, my water bottle full, every little thing I could think that may derail my morning I took care of!  I went to bed that Sunday night thinking about how awesome the next morning would be, and how much time I will have in the afternoon to spend with my family, dog and outdoors if I get this workout done in the morning.

I woke up at 5:00 am ready to rock! I was excited! That is weird for me, for sure… But I rolled with it, and got up exactly how I pictured and killed it down in that basement and felt amazing!!

So do you know what I did that next night? Yup! Prepped again, told myself it was an awesome day one and it will be an even better day two!  So I have been continuing this everyday during the week for about 2 months. The weekend I wake up earlier than before but not 5:00 am, I am not that crazy!  I also went on a vacation where I did wake up earlier than most people and took a nice walk, but was a little different that my normal morning for obvious reasons.

Why am I telling you about this one extra hour I gained in my day? Well, it has not only saved me some time in the afternoon, but it feels so great to workout in the morning. I thought in the past I really liked my afternoon workouts, but the morning is so peaceful. I am not worried about missing out on anything else going on, I am totally focused and feel that energy boost all day afterwards.

Not only am I getting my workout done in that extra hour but I am also taking a few quiet moments outside (while my dog goes to the bathroom) and drinking a cup of bone broth to keep my gut health in check.  Then while I am in the shower I speak to myself with positive thoughts about the day and how I am going to make it great!

I know this all sound very woo woo to most people as it did to me when I first listened to a couple podcasts but then I said why not? Why not try this and see how I feel? Could this help me be a better version, a more positive version of myself?

If you have ever said any of these things to yourself, you should try changing your morning routine to a Miracle Morning!

  • “I never have time to myself, there is no way I could fit in exercise or meditation!”
  • ” I could never get up any earlier, I already have to leave the house by X “
  • ” I am worn out out by the end of the day and could not think of exercising”
  • ” I need to change something in my life, I am unhappy and tired all the time”
  • ” I want change in my life and need a kickstart in the right direction”

Join me in my Miracle Morning Challenge Group where you will be given step by step instructions on how to get to your Miracle Morning and accomplish anything you put your mind to!





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